The Academy

Year 1 Classes

The Academy 

The Academy consists of 12 courses, taught and recorded by Pastors Eibel and Malinak, in which participants, through facilitated discussion, are equipped as missionaries to bring a solid, theological defense of faith with confidence. In the first course,  “What is the Bible?” will begin May 12th. Pastor Eibel will equip you to articulate a defense of the purpose and reliability of God’s Word.  Classes meet May 12 and 19 and June 2 and 9th. 

Ongoing Classes & Workshops


Everyday Missionary: WHO (recognizing the mission field right in front of us). For upcoming classes, Click Here


Everyone His Witness: HOW (showing us how to engage those in our mission field). Workshops held in February, June and October. Led by Pastor Malinak. Click Here


Everyday Boldness: DO (gaining confidence in actually being a witness). For upcoming classes, Click Here.