The Academy

Year 1 Classes

The Academy 

The Academy consists of 12 courses in which participants will grow in knowledge of God's Word, learn how to use it when engaging with others, and discover how to evangelize effectively. Each course of The Academy is designed to equip believers as missionaries with scripture-based doctrine, that they may bring a solid, theological defense of faith with confidence. Participants can join classes at any time, and in no particular order, at no cost to them. Childcare is available with a reservation. List ages of children in the comment box below.


Year 1 Classes:

Sacraments and Solas

Taught by Pastor Kari Malinak

Fall 2022

The class will lay the Biblical groundwork for why Christians believe what we believe in how one is saved and how God sustains one in faith.

Topics: "Baptism", Communion", Grace Alone", "Faith Alone ", "Word Alone."

What is the Bible?

Taught by Pastor David Eibel

Tuesdays 7-8 pm

January 7-28, 2020

The class will help equip you to articulate a defense of the purpose and reliability of God's Word.

Topics: "Infallible", "Authority, Clarity, Sufficient, Efficacy", "Forward and Backward to Christ", "How Did We Get the Bible?"

Caring for Our Neighbor

Taught by Pastor Kari Malinak

Sundays 6-7 pm

March 1-22, 2020

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself." (Luke 10:27). But how do we care for our neighbor? This class will guide you in how to lovingly and scripturally, care for those around you.

Topics: "Our role as Christian care-givers", "CAREgiving vs. CUREgiving", "How to use the Bible in caring for our neighbor", "Praying with others."

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Year 2 Classes

The Creed

Taught by Pastor Malinak

Fall 2020


How to Interpret the Bible

Taught by Pastor Eibel

Winter 2021


Old Testament

Taught by Pastor Malinak

Spring 2021


Year 3 Classes

Living a Life of Faith

Taught by Pastor Malinak

Fall 2021


Law and Gospel

Taught by Pastor Eibel

Winter 2022


New Testament

Taught by Pastor Malinak

Spring 2022

Ongoing Classes & Workshops


Everyday Missionary: WHO (recognizing the mission field right in front of us). For upcoming classes, Click Here


Everyone His Witness: HOW (showing us how to engage those in our mission field). Workshops held in February, June and October. Led by Pastor Malinak. Click Here


Everyday Boldness: DO (gaining confidence in actually being a witness). For upcoming classes, Click Here.