Small Groups

Small Group Opportunities 2021 - 2022

2022 Small Groups

Life Experienced Small Group will have lunch after second service at Café Italia on Northwest Highway. January 23, 2022

Young Adults Study & Lunch

The young adults (ages 18-25) will meet the Sunday, February 6th & 27th after the late service. We will have lunch and Bible Study at IHOP (3317 E. State Hwy. 114, Southlake).

A Study of the Incarnation Mondays, January 3 – 24 

(4 sessions) Discover the greatest mystery on earth--the incarnation of Jesus Christ as God and man. It is a mystery too deep for the human mind to understand fully, yet it has enormous value for the Christian life. This study will help open up the wonder of the incarnation to you, that you may draw strength for your faith and daily life by examining: The Presence of God; Why God Became Man; Why Not an Angel; and Where the Lord May Be Found.

Daniel: Encouragement for Faith Sunday Evenings January 30 – May 1

(13 sessions) Daniel is an early example of a type of literature – apocalyptic literature – that became common among Jewish people at the close of the Old Testament era. As an apocalyptic book, Daniel has certain features in common with similar works, including Revelation and many non-biblical writings. In this study, we will walk through the book of Daniel together.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Tuesdays, March 1 – April 26

(8 sessions) This classic C.S. Lewis children’s novel has engaged children of all ages for decades. Together, we will enjoy reading Lewis’ allegory of the Easter story.

The Cross and the Swastika Every other Thursday, April 21 – June 2

(4 sessions) What do you believe about the grace of God? Does scripture really mean it when it says all who call on the name of Jesus will be saved? In this study, we will follow the call one US army chaplain had as minister to Hitler’s men as they faced judgment in Nuremburg. Would they repent? Could they be saved? In this study we will delve into the depths of repentance, grace, and forgiveness.

Bringing the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth: Paul’s Missionary Journeys Wed, May 25 – June June 29

(6 sessions) The Books of Acts is a real-life look at the apostles’ work to spread the Good News they had witnessed. Paul’s mission to spread the Gospel was monumental, taking the Word to new lands that had never witnessed Christianity. He trusted the Holy Spirit throughout his journeys, letting God decide who needed to hear His Word and His truth. In looking at Paul’s missionary journeys, we can begin to more deeply understand our own mission. In this video-based Bible study, participants will follow Paul to the ends of the earth in his proclamation of the Good News.

Wednesday Evenings:

Track 1: Modeling Discipleship in Parenting

This group will be an opportunity for parents of all ages to learn and model for their children being a disciple of Christ. Each month will be composed of Bible Study through the book, The Gospel Centered Parent, discussing together how to raise godly children by parenting with the grace and love of Christ; Fellowship through games and conversation; Witness by engaging in a service or mission project together; Worship and Prayer

Track 2: Discipleship for All

Over the year, this group will have two focused studies along with time of fellowship together.

Walking Together – Simple Steps for Discipleship

(12 sessions) Discipleship is a long and winding road that is a lifelong pursuit. What is discipleship? In this study, discipleship is defined as a person who trusts the promises of Jesus and seeks to follow Him. Shouldn't discipleship and learning about it be just as easy? This small group will use the Lutheran Sacramental outlook to prove that discipleship can be simple, even if it's a difficult process that must be lived out daily. This book will show you that having good roots for discipleship is important for all Christians.

God's Relentless Love: A Study of Hosea

(8 sessions) The Old Testament book of Hosea cannot be defined as predictable. In this study, we will dive into Hosea and Gomer's unusual love story: the difficulty, rejection, and time that will give you a new perspective of the relentless love story of God for His people and will guide to the truth of God's unfailing love for you.