In-Person Worship

Phase 3

Phase 3-Revised

(Reflects current CDC guidelines)



Masks not required but recommended*

No reservations

Open seating

Distanced seating available**

No food

Recordings of live Sunday morning services available online.

Small Groups, Study Groups, Youth (all ages), Mission Trips

Masks not required but recommended*

Social distancing available by request**

No shared food or beverage




Masks required for all personnel





Adult Education (Sunday morning, Academy)

Masks not required but recommended *

Distanced seating available**

No shared food or beverage


Youth Education: Sunday School (age 3 thru High School)/Confirmation/Wednesday Evening 

Masks required for all teachers/leaders of children below the age of those eligible for the 

   vaccine and recommended for all other teachers/leaders***

Masks recommended for all participants***

Social distancing available by request***

No shared food or beverage

Masks and gloves required for all kitchen personnel



*Per CDC guidelines, it is recommended that unvaccinated individuals stay 6 ft. apart and wear a mask. To reduce the risk of being infected with the Delta variant and possibly spreading it to others, the CDC also recommends that vaccinated individuals wear a mask indoors in public in areas (county) of substantial or high transmission.  


**Per CDC guidelines, unvaccinated individuals are recommended to stay 6 ft. apart, and wear a mask.


***Per CDC guidelines, it is recommended that schools maintain at least 3 ft. of physical distance between students within classrooms, combined with indoor mask wearing by the vaccinated and unvaccinated (teachers and students) to reduce transmission.