Adult Education Class Topics

September 2021 to May 2022

Adult Education

Beginning September 12

Sundays 10AM in the Sanctuary


The Reformation (Sept. 12-Oct. 10)

Led by Pastor Malinak

Martin Luther initiated change that would affect all aspects of life. The class will explore what led up to the Reformation,

various leaders, and the benefits of the Reformation.


Looking ahead…

Numbers in the Bible (Oct. 17-Nov. 21)

Led by Pastor Eibel

Three-in-One. Two and four. Five and ten. Seven and twelve. Forty and eight. The class will examine how God uses numbers to reveal His love and plan.

Twelve Ordinary Men (Dec. 5-Jan. 30)

     A study of the apostles.


Glory (Feb. 6-March 13)

    Living under the cross.


Around the World (March 20-April 24)

Comparing world religions with



Resurrections (May 1-22)

    Resurrections in the Bible and their